Filter/Sort Option - Group Cards by Name

In the buy section, under compare, I'd like to be able to group cards by name.

When attempting to buy cards that I'm missing - one of the relevant pieces of information is if I already have the gold version or not.

When I select "Exclude owned" or "Exclude playable" (because I delegate a lot of my cards to my accounts) - some cards show up in regular foil that I own in Gold - so it's not giving me the information I want which is "Am I able to play this card"

By showing the regular, it looks like I can't play the card, yet I can, just in gold.

In stead of trying to figure out how to prioritize that etc... the easiest way would be for me to be able to sort by the card name first, then by the price second (2 stage filtering) - so that cards of the same name show up. Or just an option to group cards by name.

Then, if I see a regular card but don't see the gold when I select "Exclude playable" then I know I can play the gold version - but if I see both the Regular and the Gold, then I know I can't play it at all.

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